[Season 3]

New Season already started!

Peak online in 3 hours


Cursed Palace is a new dungeon

A new unique pet

New jobs

[Season 3] - Rates

x30 Experience

x80 Drop

x3 Taming


x2 AP in the arena

x2 Summon Experience

Space - Rates

x15 Experience

x40 Drop

x2 Taming

If you play as a group, the experience will increase.

Number of group members Rate multiplier Final Rate. Example Space (?)
2 x2.6 x39
3 x2.7 x40.5
4 x2.9 x43.5
5 x3 x45
6 x3.3 x49.5
7 x3.5 x52.5
8 x3.8 x57


Special server trader

Sells useful items:

  • Stamina Saver
  • Growth Potion
  • Ancient Cube
  • E-Protect Powder
  • Purified Pieces
  • Altered Pieces
  • Sealing Scroll

And much more

While in the game, you will sometimes receive coins that can be exchanged with an helpers.

Additional drop from monsters

Starting at level 80, valuable things will start falling out of monsters

  • Ancient Cube - Skill
  • S-Protect Card
  • T-Protect Mirror
  • Scroll of Creature Taming
  • Curious Wooden Box
  • Clay Key of Peace
  • Refined Clay Key
  • Master Key
  • Solid Clay Key
  • Clay Key of Sharpness

And other

Peaceful way to get Arena Points

There is a daily quest for arena points. You can take it from the Duke of Greed in any city.

In the cursed temple and Circus of the red spider dropping boxes with arena points


Hidden village

All players initially available infinite pass to the hidden village

The main feature of the hidden village is the druid's buff, besides the standard gain, a full buff from all professions is also available.

Limiting macros, the abyss

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The game does not have a GameGuard, you can run through the launcher only 3 accounts for the game.

During a gaming day you can log in to no more than 10 accounts.
More details in server rules clause No. 6.9.1.