Dungeon Siege

Dungeon siege, time

24.04.2021 пустяк

Dark Labotatory

Changed for boss/mini boss card and collection from dark labaratory

Rate for experience

Rate for x2 experience until November 4, 12: 00 (+3 UTC)

03.11.2020 пустяк

Herzorg Greed

Monsters from Temple of the Ancients, Temple of the Lost Souls, Temple of Exile dungeons no longer count towards the 6,000 monster daily quest

05.10.2020 пустяк

Macro restriction

Updated on 08/01/2020

01.08.2020 пустяк

Chat Rules Updated


only applies to Russian-speaking players

21.03.2020 пустяк

Зелёный луг: результат первого события

Подведение итога первого события "Зелёный луг"

Card Devourer

Card Devourer changed to work properly

11.11.2019 пустяк

Итоги события: проклятый храм

Подведен итог и выдана награда победителям события

Combination of skill cards

When combined with an assistant: if you fail (without a stability card), you will get a skill card one level lower than you have. Until now, both cards have been destroyed.

23.09.2019 пустяк

Game interface

Updated dialogue interface with NPC. If this innovation is to your taste, then we will gradually update the game interface.