Game server rules

1. Rights and duties of the parties.

1.1. The accounts and all their contents are the property of the Server Administration.

1.2. In the case of account blocking, everything related to the account is also blocked (Donat currency, items and money on characters, characters, etc.). Transfer of values, items, characters and other items from a blocked account is not performed.

1.2. Rights and duties of administration

1.2.1. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent impossibility of playing on the server by a person or group of persons.

1.2.2. The administration has the right at any time, without giving reasons, to stop providing access to the server to a specific user or subnet at all.

1.2.3. The administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server and in the rules without prior notice to the players.

1.2.4. The administration is not obliged and does not return the items, accounts, characters or their parameters, lost by players for any possible reason.

The administration can restore the lost item if it is really valuable for 50 percent of its value. The minimum value of the item is 10,000CR. Minimum recovery cost 5,000CR

1.2.5. The administration reserves the right not to answer repeated questions from users, if the answers to them have already been given previously.

1.2.6. The administration has the right to change server elements (balance, skills, items, and so on), as well as these rules without prior notice.

1.2.7. The administration does not participate in the in-game arguing of players, except in cases of violations of the rules.

1.2.8. Does not return items, money, skills which were lost as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game, hacking accounts, exception unplanned server rollbacks.

1.2.9. The administration has the right to delete / ban an account without giving a reason!

1.2.10. The administration is not engaged in the transfer of characters / things / money and other things from one server to another.

1.2.11 Administration is not engaged in damages received by players due to the use of game bugs / errors / third-party programs.

1.3. Rights and duties  of players

1.3.1. All players  monitor changes in the rules and on the server by themselves.

1.3.2. The account holder is responsible for the account, regardless of who performed the actions under this account.

2. Responsibilities for breaking the rules

2.1. The specific type of punishment for violating the game rules of the server is determined by the administration at its discretion.

2.2. In some cases, access to the server is restricted for a period determined by the server administration..

3. Interaction with the Administration of the server.

3.1. Disrespectful attitude and / or insults are prohibited when contacting the Administration and representatives of the Administration (GM, EGM, SGM, head of service {H}). Negative statements towards the server are prohibited.

3.2. It is forbidden to contact the Administration unless of absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration must contain a clear statement of the player’s problem or a question regarding the operation of this server. Administration of the server reserves the right not to answer questions.

3.3. It is forbidden to disturb working of Administration or representatives of the Administration (GM, EGM, SGM, head of service {H}).

3.4. To the address of the server administration , it's prohibited threats, pleas, requests to give something on the server and etc.

3.4.1. It is forbidden to contact the Administration about someone else's account blocking. With such treatment, the Administration will regard you as an accomplice to the violation.

3.5. It is forbidden to publish conversations with the Administration, or their content without prior approval.

3.6.A rude / disrespectful appeal to representatives of the Administration (GM, EGM, SGM, {H} service manager) is prohibited.

3.7.It is forbidden to mislead the Administration / Administration Representatives. Any deception or an attempt to deceive the Administration / Administration Representatives is punishable by blocking.

3.8.It is prohibited to bicker with the Administration / representatives of the Administration and contest their actions.

3.9.It is forbidden to mislead other players, introducing themselves as representatives of the Administration / Administration.

3.9.1. It is forbidden to distribute, false information, rumors, slander about the server; Administration.

4. Assignment of names.

4.1. The emblems / icons / names of guilds, characters, shops, ads, pets, creatures containing insults to parents / relatives, inciting ethnic strife, or simply containing signs of racism, fascism, Nazism, the propaganda of terrorism and the words GM / GM, Admin / Admin and semantic analogues are unacceptable.

4.2. When creating a character / pet / creature, it is forbidden to give it a name containing reserved words: GM, Administrator, Admin, ADM, Support, GameMaster and the like, which can mislead the other players. The use of nicknames of the Administration is strictly prohibited.

4.3. It is forbidden to give names to characters / pets / creatures that contain insults to parents / relatives, signs inciting interethnic strife, signs of racism, and propaganda of terrorism.

4.4. It is forbidden to indicate in the names of shops / stalls / offline trade (atrade) numbers of messengers such as: facebook, whatsapp, discord, skype, etc.  This will be dismissed as an attempt at selling for real money.

4.5 It is forbidden to create names of characters/guilds similar to existing names of characters/guilds(the rule applies only to the character's nickname and character's nickname; guild name and guild name. If the character's nickname is similar to the nickname of the guild or vice versa, this rule does not apply)

5. Community.

5.1.It is forbidden to commit acts that violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

5.2. It is prohibited to advertise other games, directly or indirectly, to advertise other game and non-game projects (games, websites, channels, resources, etc.) without the permission of the Administration of the server. Any mention of a third-party project will be regarded as indirect advertising.

5.3. Agitation / anti-agitation in relation to the server and / or server administration is prohibited: I am leaving / leaving; the server dies / died and other semantic analogs.

6. Game process.

6.1. Access to someone else's gaming account is prohibited.

6.2. It is forbidden to buy / sell or attempt to buy / sell game currency and game valuables for real money, as well as selling / buying / exchanging messages are prohibited without clearly specifying the conditions of sale.

6.2.1. Any one-sided transactions will be checked, if the participants in such transactions cannot confirm their accuracy, the transactions will be considered as purchase / sale for real money.

6.3.Sale / Purchase / exchange / transfer or attempts to exchange / sale / transfer of accounts is prohibited in any form: for any virtual and real values.

6.4. Exchange / sale / transfer or attempts to exchange / sale / transfer any game values ​​of our server to the values ​​of other servers are prohibited. As well as the exchange / sale / transfer of values ​​/ accounts of other game servers.

6.4.1. It is forbidden / exchange / sale / transfer or discussion of the exchange / sale / transfer of any game values ​​​​between seasonal servers and / or the main game server.

6.5. It is forbidden to discuss and mention the sale and (or) purchase for real money, as well as “electronic means of payment” (WebMoney, Paypal, YandexMoney, etc.) of game values ​​(rupee, weapons, armor, resources, donat currency, characters, accounts, etc.). It is forbidden to publish requests to replenish a virtual wallet.

6.5.1. Forbidden any attempt to transfer the discussion of the value of items / values ​​/ accounts / resources, etc. from gaming chats, to any third-party instant messengers. This will be regarded as an attempt to sell / buy for real.

6.5.2 Forbidden any attempt to transfer the discussion of the value of items / values   / accounts / resources, etc. from the trading platform of the site, to any third-party instant messengers. This will be regarded as an attempt to sell / buy for real.

6.5.3. Mediation / help / counseling, etc. etc. in violation of game rules will be considered complicity in violation of game rules and punished at the discretion of the administration.

6.5.4. It is forbidden to trade / attempt to trade on "black markets" and all similar types of platforms, in any form.

6.6. Any manifestations of racism and nationalism and attempts to incite ethnic hatred are prohibited.

6.7. It is forbidden to publicly discuss the actions of the Administration / representatives of the Administration

6.8. It is forbidden to intentionally use macros or other programs to violate the stable operation of the server.

6.8.1 It is forbidden to bypass / try to bypass security systems or server restrictions.

6.8.2 Dos / ddos ​​attacks on the server, creating flooding and / or spam are prohibited.

6.9. It is forbidden to be in the location of the “Battle Arena” of all varieties, by more than one character.

6.9.1. It is prohibited to log into more than 10 accounts per game day.
The game day begins with the first login to your account on a certain day not at 00.00.
1 violation - warning.
2nd violation - ban and restriction for a day.
3rd violation - ban and restriction for a week.
4th violation - ban and restriction for a month.
5 violation - at the discretion of the administration.
The restriction applies to all servers and we draw the attention of players that you will not be able to reliably know when your gaming day began, so we strongly recommend not using more than 10 accounts.

7. Relations between players.

7.1. There are no special rules for PvP, except for tournaments held by the server administration with predetermined rules.

7.2.Killing of players (PC) on the server is allowed. Rules and restrictions do not exist. 

7.3.The trade is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by the participants of trade relations remain on their conscience, except in cases involving donat items or game bugs.

7.4. If you know that the player intends to violate and / or violates the game rules, you must inform the administration of the project about it. If you hide this information, you will be considered an accomplice.

8. Using server errors / bugs.

8.1. It is forbidden to use any server errors / bugs.

8.2. It is forbidden to kill monsters when they can not hit a player for reasons not provided for by the game. Shooting from behind the baricades can be equated to turrets standing over an obstacle, so that one cannot shoot from behind the baricades.

8.3. It is forbidden to pass pass into the texture.

8.4. If you find a new bug / bug, report this to the Server Administration.

8.5. It is prohibited to distribute information about bugs, cheats and dupes. If you find them, you are obliged to inform the Administration.

8.6. Receiving any game values ​​using bugs, cheats, dups, errors, flaws, etc., is prohibited.

9. Premium.

9.1.All errors made when making payments for premium services remain on the players' conscience and are solved by the players themselves. (indicated wrong nickname / server / race).

9.2. The administration has the right to refuse to provide premium services to any user of the project without giving reasons.

9.3. Premium users have the right to petition for unlocking only in case of a violation of the rules that do not cause gross damage to the game process.

9.4. Attempts to return donations will be considered fraudulent and punishable by indefinite account blocking

10. Addition of rules.

10.1. Game rules apply to all types of game chats, as well as all types of information resources associated with the Space game server.

10.2. These rules may be added without notice.

10.3. If a player commits an act that is clearly detrimental to the organization of the game and (or) the game process, but is not explicitly specified in the rules. The administration has the right to make a punishment adequate to the act committed (up to the deletion of the account), followed by the mandatory introduction of changes to its wording and public announcement of its decision to impose the punishment in such cases on the server website and (or) on the forum.

10.4. If there are one or more violations of the game rules, unlocking an account occurs only for money. The cost is determined by the Administration depending on the violations. The minimum amount of unlocking - 1 thousand rubles

10.5. The duration of the ban and/or restriction of access to the server is established at the time the player who received the ban and/or restriction of access to the server contacts the server Administration with a request to remove these restrictions.

10.6. Recovery of access to the account is possible only in two ways.

1) through the verified email.

2) through donat history of account

10.7. When unblocking the accounts of those who violated the points of the game rules 6.2., 6.3., 6.4., 6.5(1,2,3)., The administration will seize the values ​​that the player tried to sell / buy or sell / bought for real money.