Cursed Palace

A new dungeon, the Cursed Palace, will function in test mode on the Season 3 Server.

For a one-time entrance to the dungeon, a special key is required, which is used by the new NPC - the Shadow Numismatist Echidnax.


To get it, you need to complete the quest of killing the Devil Reviac from the same NPC.



A variety of monsters with random power-ups and a set of skills are waiting for you in the Cursed Palace. When any monster dies, it can be replaced by another monster with a high chance. Monsters have additional attacking skills against creatures.

To summon the main boss of the dungeon, you need to kill the Soul of the king of the cursed palace. After her death, the King of the cursed palace will appear. There are legends that it is possible to get the Sand Dragon Cloak and the Epic soul taming card: empty from it.

Different items drop from monsters, including brand new ones:

Lilac Arrow Card

Summoning Scroll: Lilac Arrow

Allows you to tame a new creature


The Coin of the Damned

Allows you to improve the "Yushiva's Blue Necklace: General" and "Yushiva's Red Earrings: General" up to level 5.

A fragment of the Card of the Cursed Palace

[Dungeon Card] Cursed Palace

(new boss card)

There are 4 Dungeon cores in the Cursed Palace, for the possession of which the player activating them will receive arena points every minute, and his guild will receive an increased %EXP

Upon death, players will be teleported to the city with a 10% chance, and they will need a new key of the Cursed Palace to return to the dungeon.

Dungeons, monsters, chance of drop, and other mechanics can be changed throughout the duration of the seasonal server. If bugs, errors and other problems related to the Cursed Palace are found, players MUST IMMEDIATELY provide full information about them to the server administration

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