New classes

3 new character classes available on the server:

  • Elementalist

Is the next Druid class. The class has strong elemental skills, which require the presence of elemental spheres (fire, water, earth). The class uses 1 hand axe and a shield as the main set of weapons. It has low survivability, high damage and a large number of control skills.

  • Legionary

Is the next Battle summoner class. He uses a dirk and a shield as his main weapon. The class has huge values of basic characteristics, but cannot use creatures. Suitable for starting the game. It has high survivability and damage on a single target.

  • Demolisher

Is the next Breeder class. The main weapon is a two-handed staff. The class has a double summoning, but limited in strength creatures. Uses strong attacking and defensive skills focused on global PvP. To use some skills, the Genomes of a Dark Laboratory are needed. It has an average survival rate, high damage on a single target and on multiple targets. The class is recommended for experienced players.

  • Sniper

Is the next class of the Archer. Uses a Magic Bow and long-range magical skills to deal damage. The class is based on the active use of the “Mana” characteristic.

  • Inquisitor

Is the next class of Bishop. Uses Magic Spear and attack skills for close and medium range combat. The class has limited recovery skills and strong defensive skills.

A Blessed power of change for awakening items with skills for new classes is sold in the AP store section of the NPC Helper in the line Blessed Power of Change Armor (New Classes) for 150 AP. Boxes with skill cards for new classes have been added to the Skill Card box: Master.

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