Results of the first season

Guilds are the winners of the first season!


Completion of the first season

On the night from the 3nd to the 4rd of December, the servers will be eaten

December 4 at 01:00 CET

Weekend rates!

Weekend rates!

Epic Pet Balance

Dear players, due to the imminent changes in PVP and PVE balance, we are open to accepting offers

Decor Fix

Исправлено отображение текстур у декора:

  • Крылья Пегаса
  • Крылья Тертиафимы
  • Крылья Малигоса
  • Крылья Единства
  • Броня лазурного дракона
  • Броня изумрудного дракона

Happy Halloween

From 10/31/2022 to 11/06/2022 inclusively, of the 150+ level monster - will drop out:

  • [Epic] Soul Taming Card

  • Parts of the mosaic from 1 to 9

[Season 1] Space - Awards to top guilds

Reward Information for Guilds in Season #1

Awards supplemented

New helpers{H} for our server

We are looking for new helpers for our server.

  • Two vacancies : English-speaking

New launcher

We highly recommend switching to a new launcher
From the amenities:
Quick login to the game, through profiles.
Connection stabilization, you will not be thrown out of the game during if the Internet connection is not stable

Season server launched, have a nice game!

Season server [Season 1] Space launched, have a nice game!

Experience rate!

Good news for everyone from the world of Rappelz! Experience Rate x1.5(x15*1.5) will be activated at 08.00pm from 08/26/2022 (UTC+3:00) to 08/28/2022 11.59pm (UTC+3:00)