Weekend rates!

Weekend rates!

We are 4 years old!

On May 11, our server turns 4 years old!
In honor of the server's birthday, we have prepared several gifts and events

  • Gift cloak, bag and belt, Epic creatures, mount pets
  • Holiday rates
  • Donation Bonus
  • Item drop events from monsters


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05.05.2023 пустяк

Automatic awakening

Description of the principle of automatic awakening.

Patchnote 8.0

Patchnote 8.0

Upcoming updates

Upcoming updates

Collection of proposals for patchnote 8.0

The administration invites interested guild leaders or players to prepare files with proposals for a patch note in English or Russian languages.

Bear altar

A new altar for in-game currency has been added to the game

Changes for epic creatures

Changes for epic creatures

New helpers{H} for our server

We are looking for new helpers for our server.

  • One vacancy: Russian-speaking
  • Two vacancies : English-speaking
  • One vacancy: Arabic-speaking helper

Happy 2023!

On New Year's holidays, we have prepared several gifts and events for you.

  • Donation bonus
  • Gift cloak and Unified blessing 
  • Weekend rates
  • Gift under Christmas tree
  • Event location

Results of the first season

Guilds are the winners of the first season!