Patchnote 4.0

1 Added offline trade

2 Added CR-rupee auction (will be added soon)

3 Increased drop Black Scale piece 1 > 3

4 Increased twice drop Boxes with PW items

5 Increased twice drop Awaking stone; Accessories

6 added automatically craft for skill cards (Helper NPC)

7 added automatically open Boxes with Dragon Beads  (Blacksmith from Katan and Helper NPC)

8 added 2 new Card Boss collection

  • Devourer’s collection (500 PA, 500 MA, 500 M.Def, 500 P.Def, 20 Cast.Spd, 20 Attk.Spd, 100 P.acc, 100 M.acc for pets)
  • Dark priest Margar’s collection ( 50% Petrified resist 40% Frozen resist 30% Nightmare resist)

For effects, both collections must be activated to receive buffs. Temporary Dark Priest Margar's collection is given to all characters. In a month, the ability to collect it through the NPC will be added.

9 Removed durability on all items (?)

10 Dark Laboratory; added potion for 50% increased EXP for pets (we can use this potion and Cracker)

11 Dark Laboratory; changed AOE skill of Roaming Squad

12 Dark Laboratory; NPC reports if Dark Priest Margar has already been called.

13 Dark Laboratory; changed Card Boss icon

14 Increased Scarecrow HP

15 reduced price 209 AP > 194 AP for one-armed bandit

16 Minor changes for NPC interface (selection line)

17 added new deco from Cash Shop

18 Transformation Potion (Death Tyrant, White Dragon, etc.) Added to coin rewards

19 Fixed Guild buff icon in control

20 removed skill cards Gale of Reflection and Reflection of the Soul (this is skill passive in the 9.6)

21 added gear for pets for new players

22 changed gear for new players Maxlvl 170 > 180

23 changed gear for new players +20 > +22

24 Artefact for pets, which drop from bosses in Parallel World added in box

25 +1-3 skill cards from Coin added in Boxes

26. The limit on the maximum supply of rupees from the character has been removed

27 Dark cubes can now be put in a warhouse

28 added cooldown Creature Resurrection Spellbook 5 sec

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