Change host-server and future plans

Change host-server, Patchnote 6.0 and future plans

Increased drop rate!

Good news for everyone from the world of Rappelz! Drop Rate x1.5 (x40*1.5) will be activated at 08.00pm from 01/22/2021 (UTC+3:00) to 01/24/2021 11.59 pm (UTC+3:00)

Bonus experience for pets!

From 01/15/2021 20.00 UTC +3:00 , until 01/17/2021 23.59, a rate + 100% experience for pets will be activated

Technical work

Every Saturday from 05.00 to 07.00 technical work is carried out. (+3 UTC)

Work can take from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

New helpers{H} for our server

We are looking for new helpers for our server.

Happy 2021!

On New Year's holidays, we have prepared several gifts and events for you.

  • Donation bonus
  • Gift cloak and Unified blessing 
  • Weekend rates
  • Gift under Christmas tree
  • Event location

Яндекс деньги (ЮMoney)

this information is for Russian players only.

Scheduled technical work

Scheduled technical work on the anti-DDOS service.

On the night of December 22-23 from 00:00 to 03:00 MSK (+3 UTC) - disconnections from the server are possible.

Experience rate!

Good news for everyone from the world of Rappelz! Experience Rate x1.5(x15*1.5) will be activated at 08.00pm from 12/18/2020 (UTC+3:00) to 12/20/2020 11.59pm (UTC+3:00).

Blinking cursor

Information for people, who have "lags" when move cursor

It is new problem due update Nvidia drivers for GPU

War of the camps

The event takes place on Saturdays, at a random time from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (UTC+3:00) - the start time can always be obtained from the Event Manager

PvP tournament 3v3

PvP tournament Guild vs Guild (3v3 format)

Changes \ additions to the tournament rules from 11/29/2020

Added translation of the general rules of events into English on 12/02/2020