14th Balance Conference

Due to the low efficiency and complexity of holding the balance of the conference in the format of the top 7 guilds, the Administration decided to stop this format.
In the future, the Administration will make changes personally, based on game statistics and conducting player surveys in which every server player will be able to participate. Please note that if you start distributing the same answers in order to somehow influence our opinion, then such answers will not be taken into account.
Based on the above, the 14th PVP/PVE Balance conference is announced. Since this format is a test, only new classes will be considered at this conference.


Take part in the survey.


PS. For more than 4 years, we have allowed players to pursue their own balance policy and practically did not interfere in this process. But, unfortunately, the results of this work turned out to be ineffective.
Now we will deal with the balance and the players will have to accept the result.
I also want to note that we will not participate in debates and disputes with each individual player.