Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 10

General changes

  • PK mode is allowed in the dungeons required to complete the “Master Class” series of quests
  • Increased the cooldown of items Feather of Union, Feather of Summon, Feather of Teleportation from 60 to 120 seconds
  • The chance of applying random effects on the following items reduced by 2 times:

Boss Cards: Primal Scream (3%→1.5%), Abhuva (3%→1.5%), Dominatus the Mad (3%→1.5%), Taranida (2% →1%), Emmanuel Raymond (3%→1.5%);

Titles: Murderer (1%→0.5%), Unstoppable (1%→0.5%), Defender (1%→0.5%);

Items: Circus Rings (Moonlight Dusk Ring, Starlight Dust Ring) (1%→0.5%) and legendary items (Guardian’s Shield (0.75%→0.4%), Magekiller Axe (1%→0.5%), Hector's Greataxe (1%->0.5%), The Silencer (1%→0.5%), Kaia's Blessing (1%→0.5%), Ivory Tower Staff (1%→0.5%), Eclipse Shield (1%→0.5%).

  • It is allowed to apply the effect of the Dark Adept collection on the target under the effect of the boss  Dark Priest Margar’s card


  • Prohibited genome - teleportation lvl 2
  • Magic Flame: Removed the DOT effect of the skill. The damage of the skill is reduced by 3 times. Skill cooldown reduced from 30 to 10 seconds
  • Sense of the elements (Water, Terra, Fire) - the chance of activate effects reduced to 10% for each skill
  • Added new passive skill -  when taking damage, the character with a certain probability receives the Divine protection effect


  • Added new skill cards to the skill card box: Legionary
  • Poisonous Aura (Skill card) - added new effect:  decrease MP consumed every 10 sec (50 mp per card lvl)
  • Throw a Poison Blade (skill card) added new effect: reduce cooldown by 2% per card level
  • Throw a Poison Blade - AOE of the skill effect has been increased to 3 meters
  • Shield of master - added an increase movie spd by 12%
  • Aura of Power duration increased from 5 min to 15 min
  • Whirlwind of blades: the damage of the skill does not decrease with a large number of targets, the damage of the skill is increased by 30%, the AOE of the skill is increased from 5 to 7 m
  • Burning out the soul / Throw a Poison Blade / Meteor - the distance for the use of skills has been increased by 3 meters
  • Ecstasy of battle (2 passive skills) - increased duration of effects from 10 seconds to 25 seconds.


  • Added new skill cards to the Demolisher Card skill card box
  • Added passive skill +15% Crit Rate
  • Added skills Defense Mastery and Trait Mastery
  • New Passive Skill: -30 Full block to the character (required to learn)
  • A new passive skill has been added: Upon death, the character receives a +1000 Magic resistance received for 12 seconds (the maximum number of stacks is 3)
  • Fixed an bag: effect of Genome: Mass Fearlessness was superimposed on enemies


  • Shadow Orb: added two new random effects (hold, reduced movement speed by 90%);
  • Unpredictable Decrease cooldown by 5 sec per skill lvl > decrease cooldown by 4 sec per skill lvl;
  • New Passive skill: -20 Full block to the character (required to learn)
  • Iron Will  reduced resistance to effects from 30% to 20%

Void Mage

  • Added a new skill: Lazer (level 1)
  • Chrono Shift increased the basic cooldown of the skill by 3 seconds

Beast Master

  • Sanguine Bond skill effect per skill lvl  by 2 times


  • Added a new passive skill: Upon death, the character receives a 7% reduction in damage received for 12 seconds (the maximum number of stacks is 5)


  • Earth Shaker: reduced max skill level 20 > 17
  • Greatest accuracy: increased the maximum skill lvl 2 > 4


  • Allowed genome: Fearless lvl 2.

Forest Pixie, Ethereal Pixie, Wind Pixie, Crystal Spider, Crystal Golem, Bloodthirsty Slaughterer

  • Creature type changed to Mortal

Death Gladiator

  • Added passive skill: reduces damage received from all types by 10%
  • Fixed a problem with the passive skills (Max HP / max MP)
  • Sword Strike: Fixed skill animation. The duration of the effect has been increased from 1.5  to 3 seconds


Most of the changes will take effect after the server is restarted. The reboot will be in 1-2 days from the date of publication of the news


As previously reported, the balance in the "top 7" format will no longer be carried out. As soon as the administration forms a new process to change the balance, a news with a detailed description will be created