Patchnote 8.0

  1. Increased numbers of items that can be opened at the same time from 100 to 1000 from NPC-Helper
  2. Added functionality for Helper NPCs to open general skills card boxes
  3. Increased numbers of skill cards and creature’s card for dismantle from 100 to 1000
  4. Added +10000 max.weight for [Collection] Endless Tower
  5. Added function for fast combination Crystal of Devildom to Refined Crystal of Devildom from NPC-Helper
  6. Added a special item to the cash shop for removing visual change of the wings and returning the item used to change the appearance
  7. [Bound] Aura of guild zone,  [Bound] Teleportation to the guild zone - these items can be destroyed
  8. Added new following deco to Helper NPC (decorative clothing):
  • Viking Suit 
  • Goryeo set
  • Winter suit
  1. Removed rings from the list of items obtained by exchanging Signs of the Forgotten Gods
  2. Added function for open Piles from Devildom (Yushiva’s Red Earrings, Yushiva’s Blue Necklace, Mirror of Janua, Shield of Janua) to NPC-Helper
  3. Deleted time limit for following items: Scroll of Pet Power, Scroll of Refresh
  4. Fixed epic pet’s potions. Now the effects of unions and potions have the same stats
  5. Increased duration of Hidden Village buff from Unified Blessing to 5 hours
  6. Changed anti-macro system
  7. Increased price for God Mother Fairy’s Bottles from 100m to 200m. Old bottles replaced with bags of rupees equivalent in value and having the function God Mother Fairy's Bottle
  8. Fixed (titles did not give weight) max.weight stat from titles of Endless tower
  9. Extended functionality for configuring access to the guild zone
  10. Deleted time limit for mount Lydian King
  11. Added option for removing Oblivion effect by double click
  12. Function /atrade fixed in the new game client. Now, when it is used, it will automatically disconnect from the server
  13. On the marketplace, you can search for items sold in flea market, as well as the history of prices for them 

In addition, an automatic awakening system is under development, the introduction of which will be announced later

Most of the changes will take effect after a server restart. Estimated server restart date is scheduled for the morning of 04/06/2023

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