Epic Pet Balance

Dear players, due to the imminent changes in PVP and PVE balance, we open the acceptance of suggestions by mail - [email protected]
For your convenience, during the time of accepting offers, a test server with available epic pets will be opened.
https://rappelz.space/downloads/RappelzSpaceTestServer.zip Unzip to the game folder, run the file Launcher Test Server.bat

If you wish to participate in the changes accepted on the server, then you can leave your suggestions, taking into account the following requirements:

  1. Offers must ONLY concern epic pets (their skills, stats, etc.)
  2. Offers must contain the type of the epic pet and the skills (characteristics) that need to be changed and how to change, the rationale for your suggestion
  3. Offers must be written in English or Russian
  4. Suggestions should be sent to [email protected]

Suggestions that don't comply with the above requirements will not be considered.

So that you understand what exactly the administration wants to see from these pets:

  • All epic pets must be +- the same level of power. At the moment, there are very strong and weak epic pets.
  • Epic pets should be better unique pets by about 20-25 percent in efficiency.

Given a good balance, the administration will make it easier to get epic pets on the Space server