[Sealed] Unified blessing (90 days) Space

Price 700 CR


Unsealed item by double-clicking

After removing the seal, the item will be temporary (90 days) and will be tied to your account.


Item time is not cumulative when printing additional copies.

Imposes a blessing from all professions. Additionally gives Purified Pieces and Altered Pieces of level 1, Deva's Blessing and Altered Almighty Pieces (+50 to basic characteristics)

Buff's strength is equal to the maximum skill level +1 and with a +10 card

List of buffs:

  • Concentration
  • Dark Might
  • Speed of the Wind
  • Rock Energy
  • Force of Sacred Fire
  • Shining Weapon
  • Demonic Howl
  • Intuition
  • Rally
  • Angel's Force
  • Protector's Force
  • Howl at the Moon
  • Divine Purpose
  • Asuran Haste
  • Gaian Strength
  • Blessing of Vitality
  • Blessing of Intelligence
  • Blessing of Wisdom
  • Blessing of Strength
  • Wind Weapon
  • Shining Armor
  • Heaven's Blessing