We are 6 months old!


A gift has been issued to all accounts in the item box:

+20 Sand Dragon's Cloak of Devildom(28 days)

From 11/11/2019, during the week, parts of the mosaic from 1 to 9 will drop out of the 150+ level monsters


By combining these parts, you can get: Energy of Fire, Energy of Gold, Energy of Water, Energy of Wind, Hope Broth, Best Wishes, Giant's Nail, Numbered box, Red Dark Cube, Rank 7 Fortune Cube - Strike, Rank 7 Fortune Cube - Defense, Mystic Koala Card<Sealing card>, Purified Almighty PiecesUnique decorative cape (28 days), Unique decorative cape

11.11.2019 ивент | новость