Offline trading


To start offline trading:

  • Open shop
  • Write the command in the chat /atrade



Additional teams:

/atrade Offline Trading Begins
/atrade character_nickname


Offline trading begins with the transfer of personal messages to the specified character


After that, your character will automatically forward messages to the specified nickname.


If you have indicated the forwarding of private messages. Those who receive messages will receive commands to control the trade.


Send a private message to the trading character

/for character_nickname Sets a new name for sending messages - transfers control to a new character
/for Disables forwarding private messages and takes away access to commands
/stop Stops the trading process and leaves the game



You can see the log of purchase / sale / private messages at the link

Important to remember!

  • Characters left to trade are taken into account when calculating the simultaneous open windows of the game, at the moment there is a limit of 3 game windows.
  • If you enter the game while your character is trading, you will receive a notification "Account is already in the game", after which offline trading will be stopped.
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