Devil Dom

Devil Dom(DD) - channel dungeon for 175+ levels. In order to go there and be able to move to any level you haven’t to go through a series of quests.

There are 6 levels in the dungeon, which go one by one. So you can start from level 1 and without stopping go to the final boss!

At level 1-11  demonic crystals fall (when combining 100 pieces you will get 1 refined crystal, you can combine any amount over a hundred), Yushiva’snecklaces and earrings, magic and physical shields at level 175 (defined by a philosophical scroll), boxes with beads, boxes 5-25 arenas, boxes with demonic crystals

At level 21, Yushiva’s essences (necessary for crafting the Yushiva’s belt and cloaks 190), boxes with a random stone for the Yushiva’sbelt and a low chance of dropping  the Yushiva’s belt is added to the drop listed above.

At level 31, 41, in addition to the previously drop-list, Black scales fall (when crafting 1 scale and 10 refined crystals, there is about a 30% chance to get the Demonic  Scale needed to create an Inferno set)

At level 51, the Demon orb necessary for crafting Lucius gear and crystal bags- are added.

Each level has its own bosses with its own unique boss card.

Bosses and simple monsters at levels 1,11,21 belong to the "Spirits" type, bosses at other levels belong to the "Ancient" type.

Simple Monsters

LVL 31 - undead animals

LVL 41 - guardians of Ain

LVL 51 - Dragons

The difference between the temple on the Space server from the original


  • a series of quests is not required to enter the temple
  • black scale falls at level 51
  • reinforced boss Evil Reviak
  • damage of all monsters is reduced by 10%
  • Yushiva’s card gives 30% hp / mp
  • increased number of demonic crystals falling out of boxes
  • Drop chance of Boss Card Evil Reviak - 10%
  • for the convenience of players, the types of monsters are sorted
  • increased chance of combining an item Demon Scale 10%> 30%