Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 2

Balance Conference №5

Representatives of the following guilds participated: HighLand, HLG, Alliance, AgainTheseFreaks, BlackSails


Two-handed ax, two-handed sword, two-handed mace, spear: increased attack distance to 5.5 meters.


Tempest/ Heed Of The Conjuror: base time of action + 1 minute

Added protective skill: Awaken Darkness

Chaos Magician: Spirit of fire: base time of action + 1 minute


Artic blast: Decreases Cooldown 0.5 per skill level -> 0.7 per skill level


Blasting Rock Cut: skill animation accelerated


Added new PVE skill: massive double shot


Hellstorm: added attack animation between hits 0.04 sec

Apocalypse: added attack animation between hits 0.04 sec

Deadly Dancing: delay between attacks 0.15 sec

Most changes will take effect after server reboot.

At the conference, I was entrusted with the task of completely re-making the Mercenary profession. As soon as work is completed, a description of the changes in this profession will be added to the same news.

Bellatrix's Sword: added  magical attack.

Holy warrior/Mercenary

Divine Cross : animation was significantly reduced

Wild stream: 2 handed sword only

Divine flash: 2 handed sword only

Divine flash card:  increases blidness effect duration +0.25 sec per card lvl

Stun mace perfection card: added the ability to use with a two-handed sword, significantly reduced attack animation and spell casting time.

Stun mace perfection card: added skill recharge reduction by 3% per card level

2-hand sword master: 2 handed sword only .Increases physical attack, attack speed +accuracy by 2.5% per skill lvl

Judgment buster: 2 handed sword only

Dual strike: 2 handed sword only. Significantly reduced attack animation

Laser Blade: 2 handed sword only. Animation was significantly reduced

Divine Crash:  2 handed sword only.Skill mechanics was changed , Now it’s instant teleportation to the target . Add hold effect for 3 sec.

Mighty Crash: 2 handed sword only

Light speed card: Increases  effect duration by 1 sec per card lvl

Added new skill  -fighting spirit.With 2 handed sword skill  provides  resistance to effects: "Frozen, petrification,nightmare”.Increases by 1.6% per skill lvl