As you could notice we started recruting EGMs on server.

Today they’ll hold a simple test event in which every one can take part.As new player and as old players.

For more information use our discord chanel

Important questions: ❗❗❗ 

EGMs’ll work on my close supervision, they won’t have any commands to give something to another players.I’ll build special event panel for them in which I can see every action.

Please,pay attention that EGMs are specialy made administration representatives(rule points 3.1.,3.3.,3.6.) ,they are not game characters.So that,EGMs have to be respectful to you.


Now I’d like to tell you about what we are working at in outline:

1.Creation event npc in which you can buy valuable and unique items(Dark cube,dark cubes box,BPOCs for every class,special scroll which transfers item enchantment,unique emblems and etc.)

2.Creation Casino location (slot machines,roulette and etc.) with unique rewards.

3. 2 main types of events: Automatized (daily, weekly, etc.) and Manual (they will be held by EGMs, they will be divided into three subtypes: For beginners it will not matter when you started playing (~ 50% of the total number of hand-held events); for those who have already mastered on the server (~ 35% of the total number of manual events) and guild events (~ 15% of the total number of manual events))

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