Patchnote 3.0

  1. Increased max. lvl pets 180 > 200
  2. NPC Unknown Pierrot:daily quest reward 2 numbered box > 3 numbered box
  3. Added Unknown Pierrot in all town
  4. Added in Teleporter NPC from abyss teleport to rondo, Hidden village and city of ruins
  5. Changed functional in teleport NPC
  6. Added Altered Almighty Pieces in Helper NPC
  7. Added in Unified blessing Altered Almighty Pieces (+50 stats) and Deva blessing
  8. Changed page name from buffer-npc
  9. Box with PW items: added box with item on every class
  10. Altar boxes tradable now
  11. Increased drop chance S-protect card
  12. Added function character restoration in Cash Shop
  13. Added temporary items for new players
  14. extended functionality in dead log

Some of the changes took effect after server restart. 

28.06.2019 новость