How to ehance gear? What does it give? Awakening of things.

To enhance qear a+21 and higher, you will need two qears p7 +20 and a special charmer for 225 points of the arena points (AP). For +22  two things +21 etc. The food to improve the main gear should be the same type as the gear which you want to enhance. For example Sword + spear, spear + spear or belt + helmet, gloves + boots.Temporary items and items from the online store are not suitable for enchantment

Starting at +20, you can awaken a belt, boots, gloves, armor and helmet. With each level of improvement, the value of awakening increases. For awakening, you need to buy the Stone of the final awakening from the contrabandist and craft the item with it. To remove this awakening (and to get a new one) you will need the Scroll of removal of full awakening:

 Helmet gives an increase in skills and a decrease in their recharge

 Armor gives an increase in HP / MP

 Gloves will give an increase in the speed of applying skills and a chance for a double attack

 Shoes will reduce debuff duration and enhance pet abilities.

 The belt gives a boost to the characteristics of boss cards

 On  Distorted Space items , in addition to the usual effect, you can get +1 to skill lvl. To do this, you need to identify the undefined item, using the item "Blessed Power of Change: Armor" (sold by the NPC for 30 arena points). The skill opens to a specific list of classes. If you open the items of the hunter (Daman), then the skills of the Archer ,the shadow hunter, the MarksMan, the Deadeye a will drop out, with the other items the same. In Rappelz it is possible to awaken any weapon and shield. To get a weapon awakening stone, you need to dismantle an empty creature card. You can wake up a weapon / shield 1 time. To remove awakening and retry, you need a Sealed Awakening Scroll: Weapon (sold by the NPC for 2 AP). Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklace) and the Emblem are awakens in the same way, but the awakening stone falls in the Distorted world. To remove awakening and retry use the Awakening Scroll: Accessories (sold for 2 OA at the NPC) Artifacts for creatures are awakened by a different technique. There are two types of stones for awakening artifacts. 1. Strength of Change: Artifact. Awakens one of the skills of Basic, rare, unique (new) creatures. 2. The blessed power of artifact change. Awakens one of the skills of old creatures (Orc, Blue Elf, etc.)

Yushiva’s belt change. If you  make the Yushiva’s belt, you will  find that it gives a 20% increase in Spirit damage (Spirit), a 20% reduction in Spirit damage. Spirits are the mobs that inhabit the first three floors of the temple. But on the next floors there are other types of monsters. To increase the damage and survivability against them, you can remake the Yushiva’s belt for a certain type of monster. To do this, you need a Yushiva’s stone (a box with these stones drops from all Yushivas). Having enchanted the Yushiva’s belt with one of the stones, we get a belt for one of the types of mobs (depending on the stone). The belt will give 20% damage against this type of monsters and against spirits, as well as reduce damage from this type of monsters and spirits by 10%. To change the belt to a different type, you will need theYushiva’s Belt Extractor (sold at the NPC for 1000 AP), after we crafted the Yushiva’s Belt and the extractor, we can make a belt for a different type of monster.