New helpers{H} for our server

Dear players! We are looking for new helpers for our server. The main aim of the helper is answering players questions, also moderation of the chat(only with the permission of the head of service {H}).

Three vacancies: Arabic-speaking helpers + knowledge of English (for communication with the administration)

Requirements for candidates:

• Excellent knowledge of the gameplay on the server Space and all details of 9.5 epic (quests, enchantment, taming, dungeons, farming, artifacts, etc.)

• Good knowledge about gaming professions (guides)

• Knowledge of English not below the level of Intermediate

• Ability to spend more time in the game at least 2 hours a day

• Age 18+ (preferably)

• Adequate behavior in the game

Applications are accepted in discord - Riera#2701

14.05.2021 новость