Patchnote 2.0

-added launcher link without client
-new page added from blacksmith Torun and Helper NPC, you can open skill box on any class.
-you can delete butterfly’s wings and growth potion now
-added automatically donate morality from Helper NPC
-increased spawn mobs in Harvesting woods
-added box artifact from Helper NPC
-changed icon small AP boxes 1-15 and 5-25
-added R2-7 helmet from Helper NPC
-boxes with PW gear and mirrors tradable now
-170 rings added in box. Boxes drop from mobs on Forgotten Island 
-Altar of the goddes added in HV
-Druid(buffer NPC) added in all towns
-Yushi belt extractor added from AP shop (price 1000 AP)
-King Lydian (mount) 28 days added from AP shop (price 200 AP)

- Added a punishment system (stacked debuff) for killing characters that are less than you in level (do not have 80 percent of your level. You will receive more information on this system and its detailed description on Wednesday).


09.06.2019 новость