Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 1

conference № 1
participated guilds: VERSUS, HighLand, ПравийСектор, HLG, Alliance, AgainTheseFreaks, SNOWKIDS and 1 streamer

Аt the first conference we discussed only global ballance. Сonference will be held every week. We will add videos and audios of these conferences.

That's what we came to after the first conference:

PvP balance changes server system PvP > PvE (like on official EU servers)

PvP damage 0.3 > 0.4

Drain arrow (DE) add HP absorbs

Defense stance +500% HP -60% Physical attack -10% CP > +400% HP -25% Physical attack

Reduced pet damage in PVP from 0.3 to 0.2% (temporary measure, we will further balance them) - As a result, the bug with pet damage was corrected. We returned pet damage to 0.3, we will continue to work.

This is just the beginning and we will touch on all the professions in our work, but you should understand that this is a long and painstaking work.

conference № 2

participated guilds: VERSUS, HighLand, ПравийСектор, HLG, Alliance, AgainTheseFreaks, SNOWKIDS and 1 streamer

PvP balance changed.

Changed random effects  (-25% chance -50% duration)  from the following items / titles / cards bosses:

Emanuel Raymond card, Dominatus card, circus rings, Abhuva card,  Primal scream card, Unstoppable

Changed following effects: bleeding, stun, fear, silence, petrification, frozen, hold

Yushiva card changed -50% Mag.atk/phys.atk, +100% HP/MP > 30% HP/MP

Pets PvP damage  increased 0,3 > 0,4


Angelic mist 8 sec cooldown > 30 sec


Restrain decrease mov.spd 45% +2% per lvl > 45% +1,2% per lvl

Holy ground decrease mov.spd 30% > removed

righteous purpose increased 5% Mag.atk/phys.atk +2,8% per lvl of your HP >  5% Mag.atk/phys.atk +4% per lvl


Nighmare 20 lvl > 40 lvl (increased duration)

Putrefy DOT damage per 2 second > DOT damage per second

Most of the changes, will take effect after the server is rebooted (the reboot will be tonight, when we cannot say exactly)

Conference № 3

participated guilds: VERSUS, HighLand, ПравийСектор, HLG, Alliance, AgainTheseFreaks


Goddles protection reduces all type damage 20% > reduces 20% only basic attack


Double shot nunber of attacks 6 (17 lvl) > number of attacks 4 (17 lvl)

Snare of lighting, trap of flame 2 times increased damage

Mysterious energy HP per crit hit 835 > 1670


Cyclone lorf blessing 10% MA/PA per lvl > 8% per lvl


Crossbow mastery  0.25%  PA > 1% PA per lvl (temporary measure. when 9.6 client appears we will return to old value)


Dark strike, Hellstorm,  deadly dancing changed skill animation

Twilight strike magic damage - 4,15  physical damage  - 9.65 > M.damage - 6.9 P.damage - 6.9


Mass repentance reduced cooldown 40%

Many changes will take effect after server reboot!

Conference № 4

participated guilds: VERSUS, HighLand, HLG, Alliance, AgainTheseFreaks, SNOWKIDS and 1 streamer


PvP changes


Dark strike: cooldown 1 sec > 2.5 sec

Hellstorm: 6 targets without penalty for damage > 20 targets without penalty for damage

Master breeder

Added protection: buff(u can’t take damage) after death duration 3 sec


Holy ground: 40x3% debuff PA damage > 80x3% debuff PA damage


Steel cage: cooldown 30 sec > 22 sec


Added new skill for PvE – laser

Beast master

Soul harmony:  This skill works correctly, but you can’t summon a pet with whom you have merged.