Patchnote 1.0

- With a recall or death of a pet, buffs no longer disappea

- When creating a new character, You get a Yak skin bag (10k weight) (non-tradable)

- When creating a new character, You get Rapture earring and Seduction earring(non-tradable)


- The visual display of objects that cannot be used has been changed from a large red cross to a small cross in the lower right corner.


- Added to the NPC Helper section "game helpers", information about online is updated every 30 sec.

- The chance of dropping Curious Wooden Box increased by 3 times

- Added regular striker, defense and skill cubes to 150+ monster drops

- Added 10% Heaven's Blessing to Buffer NPC in Hidden Village.

- Added Red potion Lvl9, Blue Potion Lvl9, Quick/Spell/Wind Potion Lvl4 to Helper NPC

- Storage slots increased to 2000

- Breeder now can level your pets to level 115, also it's not deleveling your pet if it's higher than 115

- Helper NPC now buys d1 and d2 items

- Boss card drop rate in Devildom has been increased, also want to mention that boss cards in Devildom drop starting with Yushiva ( Stage3)

- Added new Unique Summoning Scrolls to Helper NPC.

- Added Gender Change Potion to Helper NPC.

- Added Looter pets to Helper NPC.

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