General Server Rules

This resource and server are private property and are not used for commerce or profit.

If you use our links or files, connect to our server, then you fully comply with and agree to any and all terms and conditions and rules of this site.

Players can make donations for the development of the server. These donations are voluntary and non-refundable.

You are responsible for any action you take on this site and server.

If your action violates the federal, state or other law of the country in which you live, then the administration and the Rappelz Space team are in no way responsible for this. Any member of the Rappelz Space team is an administration representative. You may use the site and connect to the server within the rules declared by the site and the Rappelz Space server, whether explicit or implicit.

Any violation of the rules or use of game bugs, incitement to break the rules or use of server bugs, may result in account suspension. While the site or server is under reconstruction or in operation, the rules may not be available, but any laws of your country are always in force. We reserve the right to refuse your access to this website and server and you agree to all terms and conditions of use of this website and server.

The administration is not obliged to report to the server players about their actions taken by the administration in relation to the players or the server as a whole.

We reserve the right to deny you access to this website and server and you agree to all terms and conditions of use of this website and server.

Dos / ddos ​​attacks on the server, flooding and / or spam are prohibited.

Game server Rappelz Space is a collection of information, media and technical resources. The administration is the full owner and has full access to any aspect of the game server. By connecting to the Rappelz Space server, viewing and using any of the resources, you remain a guest of this resource, have the right to find and use any of the available resources, connect to the server and stay on it until you violate any of the conditions or rules. Server rules, as well as general rules, apply to all types of technical, media and information resources associated with the Rappelz Space game server.

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