The end of the third season

The “Season 3” server merged with the “Space” server

A save point has been created before merging. The test period of the server is 3 days. If critical merge issues are found, a rollback to the save point will be performed. 

We highly recommend that you do not make expensive purchases during this period.

Awarding and summing up after the test period.


When combining servers, it may turn out that there will be more than 8 characters on the account. Due to the limitations of the game, only 8 characters will be visible at a time. In order to see the rest of the characters, use the special function Character Settings You can temporarily hide characters from the list.


The warehouse displays a maximum of 2000 items at a time. After merging the servers, you may have more items than the limit allows. In this case, you will have to get extra items out of the warehouse (free the cells), after removing the items, completely re-enter the game, and you will have items in the warehouse inventory that were not previously visible. This does not always work and sometimes may need to restart the server.

We recommend unloading the warehouse in advance so as not to face this problem.

All duplicate names are replaced with "s3***" the name will be random

For such names, one free opportunity is given to change the name, enter the command in the chat.

For characters:

/change_name new_name

For the guild owner:

/change_guild_name new_guild_name

For the alliance owner:

/change_alliance_name new_alliance_name

(after changing the name, you need to re-borrow the character to see the change, even if the game says that "Failed to change the name")

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