End of Season 3. Server Merger.

Server shutdown [Season 3] on May 31 from 22:00 to 22:30 CET (+1 UTC).

Server shutdown Space - on June 1 at ~00:00 CET (+1 UTC).

Combined server activation (Space + Season 3) - on June 1 at ~05:00 CET (+1 UTC) (or earlier).


A save point will be created for the server before the merge for emergency rollback in case of a critical problem with the merge. We strongly recommend not making any expensive purchases or sales for 3 days (to avoid regret if there is a rollback to the save point).

Past merging issues have been considered, and there should be no errors at all.

Season results and rewards distribution will take place within a 3-day test period (there will be an announcement).

28.05.2024 новость