Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 11


Forbidden power

  • Reduced max HP/MP effect from 50% (+15% per skill lvl) to 35% (+10% per skill lvl) 
  • Adjusted the effect of the skill card

Poison blade

  • Reduced duration of effect from 20 sec decreased to 15 sec
  • Periodically DoT damage every from 2 sec increased to 3 sec


  • Basic effect of skill from 15% reduced to 5%

Enhancement [Rune] Whirlwind of blades

  • Decreased empowered of skill by 25% 

[Rune] Whirlwind of blades

  • Changed type of animation


  • Spear of Flame and  Eternal Pillar of Fire decreased max lvl of skills from 30 to 10 lvl
  • Added new passive skills for Spear of Flame and  Eternal Pillar of Fire which increased damage and reduced cooldown of these skills

Magic Flame 

  • Decreased damage by 35%

Clean Energy Strike 

  • Decreased damage by 30%


  • Added new skill [Rune] Strength of Nature

Horror of death

  • Added increase power of effect per skill lvl


  • Added new enchancement skill which increase damage of [Rune] Mass Shining Buster by 12%


Marksmanship of a sniper

  • Decreased convert Mdef to max MP 20% (per skill lvl) > 10% (per skill lvl)

Stable energy

  • Max number of effect 5 > 3

[Rune] Magic volley

  • Increased the number of targets where the skill retains full damage
  • Increased damage by 10%

Cursed Palace

  • Changed coordinates of Dungeon Cores
  • Increased EXP buff of Dungeon Cores from 5% EXP to 10% EXP
  • Increased drop chance for new items (Lilac Arrow Card, Summoning Scroll: Lilac Arrow, The Coin of the Damned)
  • Changed chance for teleportation players to town after death. Now players who kill mobs or other players have more chances for teleportation from Cursed Palace.


The next balance changes in the current format will approximately take place in July and will affect all classes.

Most changes will take effect after rebooting the server.