New server [Season 3] Space

Dear players! We are glad to present you our project: Seasonal server.
A server where all players will start from the beginning on equal terms. The season will last only 3 months, and at the very end, almost all of your achievements will not be lost, but will be transferred to the main Space server!

at 1 March 8 pm (utc +3) new season server will be started from Space team

  • Trades and transfers any items between [Season 3] Space and Space will be unavailable
  • All achievements (items, lvl, guilds, character, currency and etc) which you got on season server will be transferred to the main server when season server will end except items with prefix [Season 3].
  • Duration of the season server is 3 months.

Features and differences between the [Season 3] Space server and the main Space server:


  • EXP х30 
  • Drop х80
  • Taming х3
  • AP from battle arena х2
  • EXP for creatures х2

Rates for drop in dungeons 

  • Devildom х2
  • Endless tower х2
  • Dark laboratory х2

Feature of season 

New pet:

A new pet of the “Unique” rank has been added, which has a large number of random skills.
The pet combines magical and physical attack skills, as well as positive effects. The pet's main weapon is Bow/Magic Bow.

New dungeon Cursed Palace:

The dungeon is inhabited by monsters that use random sets of skills, and also summon their comrades after death.
A more detailed description of the dungeon will appear before launch.

New types of weapons:

Added two new weapons for levels 160 and 170: Magic Bow, Magic Spear

New classes: 

2 new character classes will be available on the server:

  • Sniper

Is the next class of the Archer. Uses a Magic Bow and long-range magical skills to deal damage. The class is based on the active use of the “Mana” characteristic.

  • Inquisitor

Is the next class of Bishop. Uses Magic Spear and attack skills for close and medium range combat. The class has limited recovery skills and strong defensive skills.

The new professions added to [Season 2] Space have been significantly reworked:

  • Elementalist

Is the next Druid class. The class has strong elemental skills, which require the presence of elemental spheres (fire, water, earth). The class uses 1 hand axe and a shield as the main set of weapons. It has low survivability, high damage and a large number of control skills.

  • Legionary

Is the next Battle summoner class. He uses a dirk and a shield as his main weapon. The class has huge values of basic characteristics, but cannot use creatures. Suitable for starting the game. It has high survivability and damage on a single target.

  • Demolisher

Is the next Breeder class. The main weapon is a two-handed staff. The class has a double summoning, but limited in strength creatures. Uses strong attacking and defensive skills focused on global PvP. To use some skills, the Genomes of a Dark Laboratory are needed. It has an average survival rate, high damage on a single target and on multiple targets. The class is recommended for experienced players.

A Blessed power of change for awakening items with skills for all new classes ( Sniper, Inquisitor, Elementalist, Legionary, Demolisher) is sold in the AP store section of the NPC Helper in the line Blessed Power of Change Armor (New Classes) for 100 AP. Boxes with skill cards for new classes have been added to the Skill Card box: Master.

Siege Dungeons

Attention! Completing a dungeon time attack with the help of alt guilds is not a violation of the rules of the game this is common practice for sieges.

Reserve for nicknames and guild names

  • The nickname is assigned to the account. A nickname can only be used again on the account to which it is assigned.
  • The name of the guild is assigned to the account. The guild name can only be reused on the account to which it is assigned.

Guild member limit

  • In order to avoid guild domination and to maximize the distribution of rewards for participation in the seasonal server, the number of participants in each guild is limited to 20 players
  • Disabled guild alliances

Changed lvl rewards and started pack

  • Rewards for character’s lvl reduced
  • Started pack weakened

Endless tower

  • First month, Tower will be inactive
  • Second month, Tower active only before 70 floor


Endless tower opens on April 2 at 20:00 +3 UTC, the reward for the month will be given to everyone who completed the tower from April 2 (20:00 +3 UTC) to April 30 (23:59 +3 UTC)

  • Third month, Tower active before 100 floor

Opening on May 2 at 20:00 +3 UTC, a reward for the month will be given to everyone who completed the tower from May 1 (00:00 +3 UTC) to May 31 (23:59 +3 UTC)

Dark laboratory 2nd floor

  • Changed portals for quest of Labyrinth in Dark Laboratory 2nd floor
  • Significantly reduced entry price to the Labyrinth

Solo farm location

First 2 weeks location will be inactive 

Bear altar

Not available on the season server

Game rules

6.4.1. It is forbidden / exchange / sale / transfer or discussion of the exchange / sale / transfer of any game values ​​​​between seasonal servers and / or the main game server

Rewards for participle in season server and for taken places in character ranking and guild ranking


200 lvl

  • 1st on server: Title with gold color Explorer
  • 2nd on server: Title with silver color Explorer
  • 3rd on server: Title with bronze color Explorer
  • all subsequent: Title with blue color Explorer

210 lvl

  • 1st on server: Title with gold color Expectant
  • 2nd on server: Title with silver color Expectant
  • 3rd on server: Title with bronze color Expectant
  • all subsequent: Title with blue color Expectant

213 lvl

  • 1st on server: Title with gold color Conqueror
  • 2nd on server: Title with silver color Conqueror
  • 3rd on server: Title with bronze color Conqueror
  • all subsequent: Title with blue color Conquerorsea

The rest of the awards will be announced in mid-season.

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