End of Season 2. Merging of servers.

The server will be stopped [Season 2] - November 30 at 23:00 ~ 23:30 pm utc +3.00 (Moscow time).

The server will be stopped (Space) server in December 1 - at ~01:00 am utc +3.00 (Moscow time).

Turning on the merged server [Space + Season 2] - on December 1 at ~06:00 am utc +3.00 (Moscow time) or earlier.


A save point will be created for the server before the merge for emergency rollback in the event of a fatal merge problem. We strongly recommend that you do not make any expensive purchases or sales for 3 days (so as not to regret if there is a sudden rollback to saving).

Last year, a server merge resulted in one minor issue that was fixed without a rollback. This year the problem will be taken into account in advance, and there should be no errors at all.

The results of the season will be summed up and awards will be issued after a test period of 3 days (December 4)

30.11.2023 новость