[Season 3] Space - Guild Rewards

For a comfortable game after transferring from the [Season 3] Space server to the main Space server, the administration decided to choose a reward in such a way as to encourage as many guilds of participants as possible.
In this regard, it was decided to issue the following awards.
Each guild member of [Season 3] Space will be rewarded with Crucible Souls, which they can use to get a guild zone on the main Space server, according to the formula.

First Place:
  • Guild Experience Rating * 3.3 (Soul Crucible)
  • Guild mount with a unique color model
  • Ownership of billboards on the main Space server (Until the winner of the next season is determined)
Second Place:
  • Guild Experience Rating * 3.2 (Soul Crucible)
  • Guild mount with a unique color model
Third Place:
  • Guild Experience Rating * 3.1 (Soul Crucible)
  • Guild mount with a unique color model
All other places in the guild top
  • Guild Experience Rating * 3 (Soul Crucible)

The guild's experience rating will be taken into account at the end of [Season 3] Space. 

Attention! The souls of the Crucible cannot be transferred to the balance of another guild.

Each guild must decorate a mount with their own hands.

Here are examples of mount: Okami, Qilin, DragonRed


But you can choose any other one available.

Training examples "how to decorate a mount" on the example of decor: Video 1, Video 2

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