13th Balance Conference

Based on the fact that at the moment on the main Space server most of the players are in 2 guilds the administration does not see the possibility of holding an objective balance conference in the summer, since there is no quorum.
Also considering that 3 new character classes will appear on the seasonal server (which will be launched in September) we consider it more appropriate to change the date of the conference and the list of participants.
The 13th balance conference is postponed for the period - the end of October, the beginning of December. The top guilds of the SEASONAL server will participate in the conference at the time of the announcement of the specific conference date and format.

In addition in order to diversify the pool of characters on the seasonal server the administration will carry out its own summer balance changes - only strengthening those classes that the administration deems necessary. Please be advised that any attempt to propose these summer changes will be ignored. For objectivity, only statistics will be used.