Changes for epic creatures

Changes for epic creatures: 

  • Ethereal pixie - reduced MP, damage from skill Blazing Storm;
  • Wind pixie - reduced damage from some attack skills by 20-30%;
  • Grandmaster hector - reduced damage from main attack skills by 20-30%;
  • Forest pixie - increased damage against all types, unity skill, encouragement, passive skill for belt;
  • Crystal spider - changed unity, support skills and encouragement
  • Bloodthirsty slaughter - increased damage against all types, slightly improved selfbuffs and stacks effects;
  • Crystal golem - changed animations, reduced damage of main attack skill by 35%;
  • Death gladiator - increased unity, encouragement, reduced numbers of attack from main attack skill.

These changes are not final. Within six months, pets will be actively rebalanced to achieve the desired result.