Patchnote 7.0

  1. Added new channel (without PK) farm zone, without lvl restrictions
  2. Farm zone Crystal Mountain Gate: Deleted skill “Fear” from mobs
  3. For the new characters added following collections in starter pack:
  • [Collection] Dark Priest Margar 28 days
  • [Collection] Devourer 28 days
  • [Collection] Sniper Triss 28 days
  • [Collection] Dark Laboratory Assistant  28 days
  • [Collection]Dark Adept 28 days
  • [Collection] Assassin Cross 28 days
  1. For the new characters added following Cloaks in starter pack:
  • White Dragon’s Cloak of Devildom 14 days
  • Black Dragon’s Cloak of Devildom 14 days
  • Sand Dragon’s Cloak of Devildom 14 days
  1. Added PvP arena, with an opportunity PvP between members of the same guild (now the guild penalty will not be removed for PVP between guild members for video recording)
  2. Added NPC Scroll Merchant Dephonia in the all
  3. Guild zone: Decreased number of teethes for complete the quest  10 000 > 2
  4. Guild zone: Deleted attack skills from Scarecrow
  5. Guild zone: Added NPC from Dark Laboratory 1-3 floors
  6. Guild zone: After death one of the turkey will spawn new turkey, numbers of turkey equal or less than 10. (If balance counter less than 10)
  7. Guild zone: Added teleport to Dark Lab 3 for 6 lvl guild zone
  8. Guild zone: Decreased cooldown of summon for bosses by 25%
  9. Guild zone: The extension of the world buff has been changed by the apply of a world buff in the absence of it on the character and on the server. Apply on pets + character for a time equal to the existing world buff Imposition of three buffs on a character and on pets (incluse for creatures in formation) for 50k laks
  10. Dark laboratory 1st floor: Разлинованы границы локации, монстры более не должны бегать через текстуры
  11. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Increased drop chance Entity 15% > 45%
  12. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Increased drop chance divine stones 15% >30%
  13. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Added in drop from mobs – Empty potion bottle 2 lvl
  14. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Added in drop from mobs – Awakening Stone: Accessories
  15. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Added in drop from mobs – Sign of forgotten gods
  16. Dark laboratory 3rd floor: Optimized the work for quest with reward Yushiva Belt: General
  17. Endless Tower: Монстры из бесконечно башни, теперь засчитывают в квест на ОА у Герцога Жадности
  18. Endless Tower 81-85 floors: Added all effect options for decorative items
  19. Endless Tower 81-85 floors: Added following items in drop:
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Swimsuit Flip-flops
  1. Lucky potions stackable and tradable now
  2. NPC Helper: Added Transreverse Charm in AP shop for returning the appearance of the object
  3. NPC Helper: You can delete all wings/decos from page  "Deco – Cloaks and shoulders" and from all other sources of their receipt
  4. NPC Helper: In page "Character enchantment” added:
  • Purified Almighty Pieces (Enchanced)
  1. NPC Helper: Fixed problem with missing dialogue from NPC
  2. NPC Helper: In page "Helmets and cloaks" added:
  • Mantle of Unity
  • Cloak of Dignity
  • Archaic Cloak
  • Cloak of Fighting Spirit
  • Cloak of Unity
  • Essence of Gaia
  • force of Deva
  • Woven Cape
  • Guardian Cape
  • Protector Cape
  • Skinny Cloak
  • Wind Mantle
  • Mantle of Angel
  • Mantle of Hope
  • Mantle of Bravery
  • Ancient Mantle
  • Mantle of Hero
  1. NPC Helper: Added enchant for following items with Philosopher’s Scroll:
  • Moonlight Dusk Ring
  • Starlight Dusk Ring
  1. Added in cash shop:
  • [sealed] Unified blessing 14 Days
  • [sealed] Unified blessing 3 Months
  • Hammer extractor of soul stones
  1. Now you can extend the effects of the item
  2. Decreased cooldown to 1 sec for following items:
  • Energy of Fire
  • Energy of Wind
  • Energy of Water
  • Energy of Gold
  • Hope Broth
  • Best Wishes
  • Giant's Nail
  • Nail of the test subject
  • Deva's Blessing
  1. Deleted the captcha system from The Labyrinth dungeon
  2. Sign of forgotten gods: changed reward for exchange from NPC. Deleted philosopher’s scroll from the pool of items, this chance evenly distributed for all weapons.
  3. Deleted Master’s magic stone from dropping when dismantling items
  4. Increased drop chance by 10%:
  • Skill Cube
  • Ancient skill cube
  1. Increased numbers of monsters in Remains of the Ancients 20%
  2. Murderous Intent effect: you can remove it by double click
  3. You can delete Transformation potions now
  4. Small Quilted Bag deleted from drop
  5. Transmogrifying Charm: Added recipe for crystal glasses
  6. Effect of epic pets potions don’t removed after duel / death / arena
  7. Changed cooldown for following items

90 sec

  • Secret Feather of Union
  • Feather of Union

60 sec

  • Secret Feather of Teleportation
  • Secret Feather of Summon
  • Feather of Teleportation
  • Feather of Summon
  1. Added automatically recharge durability of creatures after server reboot
  2. Increased durability of creatures to 30 000 deaths. If Durability will be equal 0 then after server reboot it be recovered
  3. Skill Bloodthirst with  %chance (31% +1% per lvl) apply effect recovery HP  (187 +7 per lvl) on player. Duration of the effect is 1 sec, 1 teak per1 sec. This skill can’t ignore effect Immortality from Mercenary.
  4. Following items are stackable now:
  • Shield of Janua
  • Mirror of Janua
  • Yushiva's Blue Necklace
  • Yushiva's Red Earrings
  • Bags with rupies from wooden boxes
  1. Fixed problem when players with summoning creature can’t pull out of the belt Hector’s boss card
  2. Fixed problem with target for Lion's Claw skill, now effect apply on one of the your creatures if you haven’t target
  3. Added effect for the set of general accessories and belt:
  • + 1% HP/MP/P.atk/M.atk/P.def/M.def
  1. Added Genome Aggression 2 lvl (Добавлен геном агрессии 2 лвл (separate recharge with other genomes)
  2. Deleted ability for using God Mother fairy’s bottles in battle arena
  3. Mana Blast (Enchanted Naga’s skill) deleted stun effect
  4. Added possibility of customization for death logs (time, class and etc)
  5. NPC Trainee island: added teleport to Horizon
  6. Added reservation of nicknames. The right to a nickname is retained for 7 days after the character is deleted, only on this account, within 7 days, you can create a new character with this nickname. Nick is released after 7 days.
  7. Skill card "Godly Protection" increased card bonus +6 sec to +40 sec of duration per skill card lvl
  8. Changed time for lots of auction 6/24/72 hours > 24/72/120 hours
  9. Curios Wooden box:  removed unnecessary potions and food
  10. Decreased distance of attack to 3 meters for following mobs in devildom:
  • crystal witch
  • White Dragon
  • Tarantula of Devidom
  • Kleinkacmo's Hunter
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