Dark laboratory. 3rd floor.

Dark Laboratory. 3rd floor.

The teleport to the third floor is on the second floor of the Dark Laboratory. Entrance from level 210.

Due to the cursed magic of the second floor, for each death you will spend two extra God Mother Fairy's Bottle.  All creatures have debuff to prohibit the use of attacks and skills. (if you try to reset this debuff, you will be penalized according to the server rules)

At the Laborer Blinmos


you can remove the limits of your body and create one of the genomesthat will allow you to use one of 26 unique mutagens


On the third floor of the Dark Laboratory, you will meet the Laborer Broddy


You can upgrade decorative items from him and get quest to create Yushiva Belt: All 

All monsters from 3rd floor sealed in The Heart of Sin and are the Mortal type. After destroying  Heart 5 random elite mobs will be summon that attack you

The Heart of Sin recharge every 10 min, if during this time you don’t kill mobs then they will disappear

Drop from monsters:

  • AP Box (5-25)
  • Extreme power
  • Cube strike and defense R7
  • Physical shard - one-handed, divine (1-2000)
  • Magical shard - one-handed, divine (1-2000)
  • Physical shard - two-handed, divine (1 - 4000)
  • Magical shard - two-handed, divine (1 - 4000)
  • Empty Potion Bottle Lv. 2
  • Awakening Stone: Accessories
  • Sign of Forgotten Gods
  • Entity of monster (15 types)
  • [Box] Horcrux


Miniboss Dark Adept


Miniboss has high defense and attack stats and little pull of skill. Respawn time – 1 hour


  • [Box] Horcrux (1)

  • Green cube (1-15)

  • [Boss card] Dark Adept

[Boss card] Dark Adept  [Collection] Dark Adept 

Boss Assassin Cross


Call option:

You can summon no more than 1 boss per day.


  • [Box] Horcrux (2-6)

  • [Box] Entity (20)

  • Purple cube (10-40)

  • [Boss card] Assassin Cross

[Boss card] Assassin Cross [Boss card] Assassin Cross 

Changes for boss cards and collections

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