Patchnote 6.0

A scheduled server restart occurs on the night from Friday to Saturday.

  1. Added craft Ancient element skill and Cube Skill to Ancient Cube skill from NPC Helper (x100 Pieces)
  2. Big Yak Skin Bag - Sealed
  3. Added Genome: Agression 1 lvl.  When used, applies Hate Aura (cooldown 10 sec).  General cooldown with another Genomes. Allowed for all classes.
  4. Added Genome: Peace 1 lvl.  When used, applies Distortion of Rage (cooldown 10 sec).  General cooldown with another Genomes. Only for Templar.
  5. Added life time for Dark priest Margar and Sniper Triss  – 120 min, if during this time they are not killed, then they disappear and are not counted in the world quest
  6. Added Skill cooldown reduce for all not soul pets
  • 150 lvl - 1 lvl skill 5% cooldown reduce
  • 160 lvl - 2 lvl skill 10% cooldown reduce
  • 170 lvl - 3 lvl skill 15% cooldown reduce
  • 180 lvl - 4 lvl skill 20% cooldown reduce
  1. Changed skill Eden's blessing from all not soul pets 

+1 All stats per skill lvl > +75 All stats per skill lvl

  1. Added Change: Laboratory and power of change: Armor to NPC Helper for combination page
  2. Added cooldown for Red and Green Feather (and versions for hidden dungeons) - 45 sec
  3. Temporary deco and wings from NPC Helper changed on non-time versions
  4. Added from NPC Helper simply open box page - open Random ring
  5. Deleted +1 Creature control skill from Boss card Grand master Hector
  6. Added 6 lvl Creature control skill for all classes
  7. Deleted durability from all creature artefact 
  8. Increased charge volume for Soul Stones by 5 times 
  9. Fixed uncorrect name wings changed by Amulet of Irbis
  10. Added penalty (debuff) when you don't use GMFB. When you select "return to town", the character is affected by -90% movement speed for 10 minutes and an item appears in the inventory to remove the effect for 300m or 3 gold ignot
  11. Added teleport to Endless tower and Dark Laboratory from NPC Dungeon teleporter
  12. Changed skill who drop from Change: Laboratory (Void Mage) (added Temporary Mastery, deleted Apostle of Darkness)
  13. Changed skill who drop from Change: Laboratory (Deadeye) (added Concentration, deleted Mental concetration)
  14. Changed effect from [Boss card] Dark priest Margar. Now effect reduced %HP regeneration and deals fixed damage per 3 seconds
  15. Increased duration for Reflecting Shield, Murderous Intent to 30 min
  16. Added auto-open from NPC Helper for boxes from Parallel world
  17. Added coold for following items
  • Energy of Fire
  • Energy of Wind
  • Energy of Water
  • Energy of Gold
  • Subject's nail
  • Gigant's nail
  1. Changed life time for following items  non-time limit > 180 days
  • Tangerine (2019-2020 year)
  • Bag of tangerines (2019-2020 year)
  • Champange (2019-2020 year)
  • Olivier salad (2019-2020 year)
  1. Added function "repeat" for coin exchange and combination skill cards from NPC Helper
  2. Added function continue quest in Labyrinth (Dark Laboratory 2th floor) if you disconnected from the server. Changed message if you trapped in Labyrinth
  3. Fixed skill mechanics from "Healing wave" and "Seraphic Remedy". Now using these skills does not break the connection to the server.
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