Blinking cursor

Information for people, who have "lags" when move cursor. Cursor blinks.

It is new problem due update Nvidia drivers for GPU

The problem is most likely caused by NVIDIA services - NVIDIA Display Container LS (NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem)

Click "Windows-key" > search "services" > search "NVIDIA Display Container LS > Click RMK > stop service

The flickering should disappear immediately, after which you can start the service again.


If problem didn't solve than you can use following option:


Click "Windows-key" > print to search window "msconfig" > run application

The "System Configuration" window will open > go to the "Service" > click "Don't show Microsoft services" (Important!) > click the "Disable all" button (disable all non-essential services)

Click "Ok" and reboot computer

After these actions, "blinking cursor" and "lags when moving the mouse" will disappear.


Most likely the problem is caused by NVIDIA services, but I could not test it

14.12.2020 новость