War of the camps

The event takes place on Saturdays, at a random time from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (UTC+3:00) - the start time can always be obtained from the Event Manager

You can get to the location by talking to the event manager.

After the announcement of the beginning of registration for the event, your task is to move to the location, take items from the NPC for the event and wait for the start.

 Items will be given directly to your inventory, read item descriptions!


As soon as the event starts, ALL players in the location will be automatically divided into two teams (you cannot choose or change sides). Defeat the boss of the enemy team to win the event.

Use the items that you received from the NPC to attack to fight the enemy team.


After defeating the enemy boss, or his defenders (mini monsters around) - you will receive  a coin(read item descriptions!)

It can be exchanged for some reward from the same NPC in the location

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