PVP Tournament 3x3: Results.

We congratulate all the winners of the tournament!

1st position Alliance3

  • OldMan
  • Esquire
  • Metafora

2th position TheDeadLegion

  • Sh00teR
  • Prada
  • SPI4kO

3th position Alliance1

  • 1nfigO
  • Bandur
  • {H}Sinara

4th position Freedom1

  • Fantasy
  • j0ker
  • DoctorStrange

5th position Epsilon

  • Whitey
  • smFF
  • AguSha

The administration is very grateful to almost all the participants for the creation of such interesting and entertaining content, although it was not without excesses. In this regard, we decided to reward not only the winners!


  • {H}GrandDuke -100CR
  • Kaiman -100CR
  • BYROS -100CR


  • Lissa -100CR

Due to an incomprehensible situation due to which some of the members of the Freedom2 team were expelled from the guild by their own guild master after the application was submitted. This situation did not allow them to take part in the tournament. We decided to give them a consolation prize.


  • BeshenyKoT -100CR
  • THANOS -100CR
  • SzsSsS -100CR
07.12.2020 ивент