PvP tournament 3v3

Organizational moments

Tournament will starts on May 30 at 4 pm (UTC +3 / Moscow time)

Any  guild  can participle on tournament

To participate, you must submit an application in a special Discord channel according to the following form(inappropriate applications will be canceled):

  1. Guild name
  2. Nickname, class, lvl participant
  3. for each of the three participants

Applications are counted by their sending(editing) date to special Discord channel


  • it is forbidden use any Medal from citadel, Cloak of the Rondo Commander
  • Duplication participant classes
  • Change class after send  the application
  • More than 1 team from one guild is allowed
  • EGM interacts only with the person who sent the application. This person will be given awards and he decides how to distribute them
  • ACCEPTANCE OF APPLICATIONS ends on May 29 at 10 pm (UTC +3 / Moscow time). You can’t edit your applications after this date.
  • The tournament grid is created on a special internet resource in Round Robin format or Single Elimination format depending on the number of teams
  • It is forbidden for one person to participate for more than one character

PvP rules

PvP is held in 3v3 format at a special location without spectators

Scoring (kills) is done through the death log on site

PvP duration – 5 min.  Only EGM gives a command to start and end PvP


  1. Don’t use GMFB and use the invisibility effect for more than 20 seconds
  2. Use textures, lags for get an advantage (including using mouse movement to avoid stun and similar effects)
  3. Use third-party software during the tournament
  4. Use all kinds of feathers
  5. Use Champagne, Mandarins, Tangerine Bag, Olivier Salad, Magic Bag
  6. Use character rebrith / transfer of pets to get class buffs (Life Harmony and etc.)

In case of disputable moments, the EGM / Administrator can conduct a second PvP or add time to the current PvP

In any case not regulated by these rules, the general rules of events apply. 


  • 1st place - 9 000 CR
  • 2nd place - 6 000 CR
  • 3rd place - 3 000 CR
  • 4th place - 1 500 CR
  • 5th place - 750 CR
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