Exam location

The event takes place on Fridays, at a random time from 6:00 pm to 10:00 (UTC+3:00) - the start time can always be obtained from the Event Manager

At the specified time, there will be an announcement about the beginning of the event.
The passage to the location of the exam will open


Talk to the master, he will summon a mannequin for a certain price.Your task is to kill the dummy as quickly as possible.

When you deliver the last blow, you will receive a notification, "in what time the monster was killed"
After that, you automatically become a participant in the event. You can make as many quick kill attempts as you like.
The event will end an hour after the start and the TOP 5 players who destroyed the dummy the fastest will be announced in the general chat.

1 place250 CR
2 place200 CR
3 place150 CR
4 place100 CR
5 place50 CR

"Alternative Characters" will be excluded from the rating