Rainbow Clover

The event takes place on Sundays, at a random time from 5:00 pm to 7:00 (UTC+3:00) - the start time can always be obtained from the Event Manager

  • Five minutes before the event, a notification is sent to the world chat. At this time, the passage to the location opens.
  • After five minutes, you receive a notification about the start of the event. The entrance is closed.
  • 10 seconds after that, a random square (one of four) is selected, which is considered to be a losing one; everyone who stood in this square is thrown out of the location of the event. Departing players will receive a loss notification. Those who stayed in the location receive a notification that they were lucky this time.
  • After 10 seconds, the previous point is repeated.

If there is only one participant left in the location, he is considered the winner, a reward of 500 CR is given to the balance on the website.

If there are several participants left and they all stand on the losing square, then all of them are considered winners, and 500 CR is given out to the balance evenly for all winners.

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