Event Rules


All Events are FREEWILL and they are held at the discretion of administration. Information about events could be published on the following sourses: Game chat, VKontakte Groups, Discord Channel, Server's Website.

1. Applying and participating

1.1. An application may be submitted from the time of announcement or event's date up to 2 hours before event starts, unless otherwise specified in the information about the event.

1.2. Submission of an application in advance gives you the preferential right to participate in the event if you show up for roll-call 30 minutes before the start of the event.

1.2.1. In case of a large number of applications, priority is given to those who applied first.

1.2.2. When submitting an application, the responsibility for refusal to participate in the event on the person who submitted the application.

1.2.3. Substitutions are allowed until the end of receiving applications. When making a substitution, the request shall be placed at the end of the queue.

1.2.4. If applicant violated the rules of events conducting, his application could be cancelled.

1.2.5. The application have to be submitted ONLY by the participant. It is prohibited to submit the application(s) for other persons.

1.2.6. Participation by several characters, including through VPN, Proxy, etc. is prohibited. If the event has limitations or differentiation by level/tier, participants must apply for their highest level/tier character.

1.2.7. It is prohibited to change the nickname or class of the character you applied with after your submission and untill the end of the event. Otherwise application will be canceled.

1.3. EGM/Administrator may set requirements for participation in the event (level, class, guild, etc.). An application of a participant who does not meet the established requirements will not be valid.

1.4. An application may be submitted at the our Discord Channel in a special section "Applications" or at the "Space events" group in a special section or by another way agreed with Senior EGM/Administrator.

1.4.1 The application have to contain the nickname(s) of the participant(s), class(es), lvl, guild and other requirements if they are specified in the information about the event.

1.5. PvP tournament requires the presence of 8 or 16 participants, but the classes tournament (2 or more) and tournament between guilds (4 or more teams).

1.5.1. If the number of submitted applications is less than the number of required participants or if the applicants did not show up 30 minutes before the event, EGM may find the missing participants at the global chat.

1.6. PvE Event requires at least 3 teams or at least 5 participants.

1.7. For Global Events, designed for an unlimited number of participants (hiding, etc.), you do not need to apply in advance.

2. Holding of PvP tournaments

2.1. When the required number of participants has been recruited, EGM will create the grid using third-party resources.The formed grid will be posted to the server's Discord channel (section: "events") and/or to the feed of special Vkontakte group.

2.2 The tournament is held in PK format at a special location. All participants must enable PK mode.

2.2.1 If you cannot enable PK mode, you must take all necessary actions like reboot, restart, etc. to solve this problem.

2.3. Participants (or the head of the team) should put "+" to the local chat, indicating their readiness. Once everyone ready, EGM (or administrator) puts "+", what indicates permission to start a fight.

2.4. 1x1 PvP lasts until 10 kills on any fighter.
PvP between guilds lasts for 5 minutes. Fight may be stoped prematurely, if one of the participants gave up.

2.4.1 It is forbidden to cause delays of the fight intentionally by not using God Mother Fairy's Bottle (GMFB), be invisible for more than 30 seconds, etc.

2.4.2 It is prohibited to use "barriers", textures, etc. to get an advantage in PvP.

2.5 Upon occurrence of one of the conditions specif

ied at the paragraph 2.4., EGM/Admin will stop PvP with some message like a "stop", "that's it", "done", "brake", etc. Fight is not allowed after such a signals.

2.6. In case of emergency situations (disconnected, missclick on HV pass, etc.) EGM acts on the basis of his experience, but not to the detriment of any of the participants.

2.6.1. The EGM has the right to repeat the PVP from scratch or under conditions that he considers fair.

2.6.2. The EGM has the right to account kills and deaths in the death logs on the website. In case of technical error of death logs and absence of the PvP video, EGM could ask for an additional fight.

2.6.3. In case of the possible prolongation of the PvP, EGM can add new rules for two specific participants (up to 1 kill, without pets, without invisibility, without bread, etc.).

2.6.4. If it is impossible to determine the winner, it is could be determined by the coin flip.

2.6.5 In case of prolongation of PvP (more than 10 minutes for 1x1), EGM has the right to suspend PvP before the final score. The time varies depending on the stage (up to 30 minutes for the final stage).

2.7. The winner of the round is the one who made the largest number of kills. The winning team is determined by the calculation of murders in the death logbook.

2.8. After the round, the participants who do not participate in the next round(pvp) should leave by themselves the location where the tournament is held. The presence of other players, who don't take part in the PvP, should be agreed with EGM.

Holding of PvE events (passing of PvE content for time)

2.9. EGM/Admin starts the stopwatch(time) right after the signal (EGM puts a "+" in the chat) or after a certain condition is done (ex.: opening the first door on the 51 level of the DD).

2.10. EGM/Administrator stops time after a certain condition is achieved (boss killed, etc.).

2.11.The winner is the participant/team who has passed the PvE content faster.

2.12. If any emergency situation happened ( participant/team can't see the doors between DD rooms), a restart or other decision is possible, but the participant/team must provide screenshots or other proof with clearly visible problem.

It is not allowed for one character to participate in several teams.

It is forbidden to interfere with the passing of the PvE content by third-party players.

Holding of global events (hide and seek, etc.)

2.13. These events are aimed at an unlimited number of participants. You do not need to apply for them.

Hide and seek.

2.14. EGM is hiding in one of the cities and announcing the city in the global chat. Participants must choose any NPC from the specified city and sit right next to him. A participant who has sat down near the NPC, where EGM was hiding, wins. (Hide and seek in the city).

2.14.1. EGM hides at some location and puts it's name to the chat. Participant, who found the EGM first, wins the round. (Hide and seek at locations)

2.15. It is not allowed to use the OaE(mass) buffs, Vision of Prey, labyrinth, drops, OaE healing and other skills to get an advantage.

2.16.The Winner does not participate in subsequent rounds, including alternative characters/accounts

2.16.1. If there are several winners, the reward is divided between them.

3. Reward

3.1 All rewards will be announced before event at the Discord channel, Vkontakte group, otherwise a similar award from the previously held events of the same type would apply.

3.2 Rewards may be changed, it may be related to a small or large number of participants or other circumstances.

3.2.1 Unique awards may be given after a long period of time necessary for their creation.

4. Sanctions

4.1 The following measures may be applied to participants who violate the rules: warning, disqualification from participation in events, account blocking.

4.2. A warning is issued to participants who have committed a minor violation.

4.3 Participants who grossly violate the rules and participants who have been warned will be d

isqualified from participating in the Event.

4.3.1 The duration of the ban is determined by EGM by agreement with the administration.

4.4. In case of insulting EGM/Administration or disruption of the Event, the account may be blocked.

4.5 The severity of punishment, coarseness and insignificance of the violation is determined by EGM in agreement with the administration.

5. Other rules

5.1. EGMs and administrators are not responsible for time spent, expenses and other damage incurred by the participants.

5.1.1 Administration/EGMs can cancel the penalty of leaving guild if the participant did it for full participation in the event, but the participant is obliged to return to the exact guild he left.

5.2 Complaints against the actions of EGM have to be sent to the Administration.

5.3 These rules will be supplemented and changed, the players should check the current state of the rules themselves.

5.3.1 Moments not specified in the rules are regulated on the basis of circumstances at the discretion of EGM/Administration and will be added to the rules in future.