PvP tournament 1v1

PvP tournament 1v1 (up to 10 kill)

Prizes (calculated based on 8-16 participants, in the process of forming a list of participants, prizes are subject to change);

  • 1st place - any wings from the “The Feathery Bandit” apparatus and Amulet of Irbis: Wings
  • 2nd place - Amulet of Irbis: Wings or any decorative set for 2k CR to choose
  • 3rd place – any decorative set for 1k CR to choose
  • 4th place – any decorative helm for 500 CR to choose
  • 5th place - 4k AP
  • 6th place - 2k AP
  • 7th place - 1k AP

PvP Tournament will be held in single or double elimination format, the tournament table will be posted in the channel discord (events).

  • Without boss card and collection Sniper Triss
  • Without active genome
  • Without Champagne, Tangerine, bag of tangerine, Olivier salad and bag from New Year event
  • forbidden to use caramel (new player item)
  • forbidden participle Oracle class
  • Forbidden participle Tier1 (Kotys, AguSha, Designer and etc. including other characters)

For violation of one of the rules of the event, the violator (s) may be punished with up to work3 months in PR-team.
The event is designed for 8 or 16 participants.
Estimated time of the event;
8 participants - Sunday (05/17/2020)
16 participants - Sunday + Saturday (05.16.2020 and 05.17.2020)
Depending on the number of participants, by the beginning of the event, your type of standings will be formed.

Send your application in discord channel before 05/15/2020

The application must specify;
Your nickname;
Your lvl and class;
Your guild.


For all questions, you can contact EGM or EGM1


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