Currency auction: general information

Game Currency Auction

Terms of purchase:

  • It is up to you to decide at what rate to Buy / Sell the currency.
  • You take responsibility for the currency you Buy / Sell at an unfavorable rate.
  • Completed transactions can not be canceled, be careful when choosing the exchange rate

General information:

How to get started:

First you need to select the exchange directions.

Then you will decide on the exchange rate, either manually or by selecting from the options offered by other players. The lots with the exchange rate you want to choose will be marked in green. Use the currency price chart to see the average exchange rates of completed transactions.

After that you can fix the rate and change the amount of Buy / Sell.

Accept the terms and click "Buy" to make a Buy / Sell transaction.

How it works:

The auction works on the principle of counter offers. You choose the option of currency exchange, specify your rate and volume for currency exchange. When buying, the system will automatically buy all lots at the most favorable exchange rate. It will buy until you run out of the currency of payment (no more than you have specified).

After pressing the "Buy" button:

The system looks at the direction of currency exchange and looks for lots at an auction where the exchange rate is more favorable for you.

The lots are bought one by one, starting from the most advantageous for you.

The function "Create a counter lot" — if the function is enabled, if the auction runs out of lots at a rate that is more advantageous for you, a counter lot will be created.

A counter lot, for example: you want to buy CR for rupees, but there are no profitable lots at the auction, a lot will be created in which you buy CR for rupees. If someone wants to buy CR for rupees, they will see your lot.

A list of your counter lots can be found at the bottom of the auction page. Incomplete transactions can be cancelled. You can see detailed information in the event log.