Dark Laboratory. 2nd floor.


"Dark Laboratory". 2nd floor.

The transition to the second floor is on the first floor of the Dark Laboratory. Entrance from level 205.


Due to the cursed magic of the second floor, for each death you will spend one extra God Mother Fairy's Bottle

At the Lab keeper of the Blinmos, you can remove the limits of your body and create one of the genomes that will allow you to use one of 16 unique mutagens.

On the second floor of the Dark Laboratory, you will meet the Laborer Ord, who miraculously survived the madness that happened there!


You can create decorative objects from it and get several quests, including a unique quest to create united Yushiva's earrings, but for this you need to get into the basement and get out of this monstrous maze.. but beware of traps!


All the offenders of the second floor are people, at least they once were them ...


Your opponents on the second floor will be the crazy employees of the complex. Because of the core, their souls are chained to this world and after each death they will be reborn and attack you again and again. From them you can knock out:

Change Laboratory: armor to any master class;
Black Piece, Subject tag, Subject's Tears, Subject's Blood, Laboratory Permit;



Mini Boss Dark Laboratory Assistant



The mini-boss has high survivability, a high attack rate and a small set of skills. Recovery time - 1 hour



  • Subject tag - 8
  • Box of lab stones Change Laboratory - 5
  • Green cube - (1-10)
  • [Boss Card] Dark Laboratory Assistant

[Boss Card] Dark Laboratory Assistant[Bound] [Collection] Dark Lab Assistant


Boss Sniper Triss



Call options:

  1. Kill 3 times Dark Priest Marga 
  2. Activate 4 kernel switches.

You can summon no more than 2 bosses per day.


  • Subject tag - 15
  • Box of lab stones Change Laboratory - (1-30)
  • Purple cube - (1-10)
  • [Boss Card] Dark Sniper Triss

[Boss Card] Sniper Triss

[Bound] [Collection] Sniper Triss


[Bound] and [Collection] changes https://rappelz.space/En/Page/tyomnaya_laboratoriya_1724

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