Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 5

pvp and pve balance conference №8

Representatives of the following guilds participated: LifeForTheHorde,AVENGERS,Alliance,Epsilon

  • Bread and water from battle arena cooldown 60 sec > 180 sec
  •  Character’s pvp damage increased 0.4% > 0.5%
  • Deva’s blessing additional increased pet stats
  • Book for resurrection pets 5 sec cooldown > 10 sec cooldown
  • Skill “Pass damage” reset to zero lvl. You can learn this skill to max lvl for your class
ProfessionWhat has changed Old  New 
Master breeder Bestial cry 

increased skill cards stats in 3 times, aura only on your pets

Defense mastery decreased efficiency on 15%, aura only on your pets
 Trait mastery 20 accuracy and magic accuracy per skill lvl, aura on your pets
 Empowering scent 

20 accuracy and magic accuracy per skill lvl

 [Rune]Wild streamcan be used only with macecan be used with any weapon
 Pass damage max skill lvl 11


 Master mace mastery no longer give accuracy
 Zeal20% mov speed10% mov speed
 [Rune]Mass aggression new skill! Only for PvE. AOE - 8m high aggression


 Pass damage max skill lvl 1
 max skill lvl 114% HP/MP every tick1.5% HP/MP every tick


 Frozen armorchance 6%, 0.3 duration  per skill lvl4.5% chance and 0.15 duration per skill lvl
 Frozen arrow4 sec basic duration5 sec basic duration
    Double shot-0.83 cooldown per lvl-0.73 cooldown per lvl
 [Rune]Mass double shot2.5 sec cooldown1.5 sec cooldown


 Dual strike2 basic attacks1 basic attacks
 Judgment buster1 sec basic duration2 sec basic duration
 Immortalityduration 15 secduration 10 sec


 Shadow forged plating increased effect +%eva -%p.atk/m.atk in 2 times
 Smoke bomb7m aoe8.5m aoe
 Mutagen: Attack class will can’t used this genom. This skill will deleted


 Void swar50% mov speed debuff25% mov speed debuff
 [Rune]Laser increased damage on 25%


 Rock pin10 sec seal duration6 sec stun duration
 Divine shieldbuff on few secondsaura continuous action with 7% resist damage


 Arctic blastDOT damage 50% M.atkDOT damage 50% M.atk


 Vortex magicbasic damage increase 5% and 15% per skill lvl0% basic damage increase and 20% per skill lvl
 Rainbowaoe 4maoe 6m