Log of PVP/PVE balance changes. Part 4

pvp and pve balance conference №7

Representatives of the following guilds participated: LifeForTheHorde,AVENGERS,Alliance,Epsilon,TopPlayerS

Profession What has changed Old  New 
Bishop  Сold boltCard does not reduce cooldown

+10 card reduces skill cooldown by 80%

Skill damage increased by 200%

Priest  Rock pin skill’s added

 Unity of force

 Unity of vitality

 Unity of agility

 Unity of dexterity

Only strength / life/dexterity / agility can work at the same time. All skills can now work together.
 Treasured harmony of life duration30 minutes duration 45 minutes duration 
 Beast shockwave The card does not reduce  skill cooldown +10 card reduces skill cooldown by 30%
Assassin / Slayer Shadow rush Quick movement to the targetInstantly moving toward a target

 Shadow crash

 Dusk gaze

 Somic cross

 Crimson turbulence

Stun duration 2secStun duration 4sec
 Shadowforged Plating Positive and negative effects are halved, except for aggression.
All professions that use a bow or crossbowSkills that require an arrow / quiver No longer require a quiver or arrow to use  skills
Void mage  Meteor shower16 m range 11 m range 
Templar Mace master 

Basic increase to physical. accuracy 1500 

Base increase to the magician. accuracy 3000

Basic increase to physical. accuracy 500

Base increase to the magician. accuracy 1000

Berserker  Energy Bomb  Damage increased by 200%

Transformation potions (reward for coins) no longer give a 10% increase to physical. and magician. attack, the chance of falling potion of transformation is reduced by 2 times.